Super Mario Pupets

Super Mario Pupets 1.0

Mario Puppets puts you to match same-colored puppets to ensure a victory
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Mario Puppets is a funny and entertaining game in which you'll have to put your head to work for a while, concentrate, and be as agile with the mouse as possible to ensure winning.
The game is a bit similar to Tetris, Dr. Mario or several other arcade color-matching games, but this time you have to match not pieces, but Mario Puppets. The game screen is very bright with colorful and detailed graphics that produce a very pleasant effect, not to mention the cheerful music present in every Mario-based game.

On the screen you'll see two pipes on the lower area, from these two pipes small Mario-shaped puppets of different colors will appear, walking from one pipe to the other; when you click on a puppet it will begin to float upwards, where other puppets are already there, once a puppet touches another one or touches the wall it will stop, forming some kind of stack.

The goal of the game is to connect at least four puppets of the same color in order to make those four disappear and get points, there are also turtles appearing sometimes which act like bonuses and will help you make a whole column disappear.

If you're bored of Tetris or similar games, I assure this will not give you the same feeling, since it's a lot more difficult than it sounds, providing brand new fun and a whole new perspective for color-matching and piece-matching games.

Jonathan Palencia
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